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We are St. Petersburg's premier clinic for Orthopedic Acupuncture Medicine! We focus on using Chinese medicine modalities, including acupuncture, dry needling, herbal medicine, cupping, injection therapy and electro-acupuncture to treat conditions naturally. We help people who suffer from chronic pain such as sciatica, disc herniation, arthritis, neuropathy, and myofascial pains. We also help address many other ailments including stress, anxiety, insomnia, and digestive health. Our clinic is located in Kenneth City with easy access to Pinellas Park, Largo, and Clearwater neighborhoods. Contact us for a consult to find out how we can help you! 

Who We Are Helping..

Pain Management

Athletic Performance

Stress & Sleep

Digestive Health

How We Help...

We get you back to doing your daily activities.

We know how difficult it can be when you’re not able to do daily activities and living in a constant state of pain. We’re here to help you reach your goals and get your body back to it’s normal functional capabilities.

We focus on quick relief from pain and other symptoms.

Many of our patients see improvements in just weeks or months, and even at times after just one visit. That’s because we’re experts in the natural treatment of pain, and we’ve already helped many people like you.

We address the ROOT CAUSE of your pain or ailment.

You may be frustrated that you’re not getting RELIEF of your pain or condition, and because of this, you may feel the only treatments offered are to cover up the symptoms. Our process is different. We know how to detect the REASON you have pain and symptoms, and we tailor your treatment plan to finally address the real cause. The result is your pain or condition is finally under control.

Supporting the System- Not the Symptom.

Acupuncture directly affects the Central Nervous System through the acupuncture meridians and nerve pathways to put the body back into a “rest and digest” mode called Parasympathetic Nervous System to initiate a healing response. Repeat treatments maintain this neural response; reminding the body to maintain and re-establish a normal signal to the brain.

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We Use a Combination of Therapies

Acupuncture / Dry Needling


Injection Therapy

Herbal / Nutritional Medicine

Dr. Jennifer VanGalder DACM, AP

Dr. Jennifer VanGalder DACM, AP is a  Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture Physician, and Board Certified Chinese Herbalist. She is board certified and state licensed with National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She has developed a unique skill set that provides a guided, customized and concise patient – focused treatment plan in treating many types of musculoskeletal pain, headaches, stress, anxiety, sleep, and many other ailments. Come meet us in person to learn more! 

“I have had some intense back pain due to an L4-L5 injury and some pretty bad pain in my left leg post an ACL surgery a few years back. I’ve done it all. Massage, chiro, pain meds, PT. I was skeptic about needles poking me all over. But I was more tired of the pain. At first I didn’t have much improvement but 4 weeks in and I have almost NO pain. I highly recommend Dr. VanGalder and her healing hands (and needles).”

Felicia, 31, Air Force Reserve

Neuro Point Acupuncture
5670 54th Ave N. Unit-D
Kenneth City, FL 33709

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Tired of Being Tired?

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